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Adventures from a Fellow Seaglass Hunter


Adventures from a Fellow Seaglass Hunter

Natalie Nebilak

Recently I was contacted by a fellow seaglass hunter, Marlisa, who shared with me her amazing haul from a recent vacation she took to one of the United States’ territories in the Caribbean. I’m purposely being vague here so as not to give away a secret spot. But I just couldn’t let these finds go unnoticed. Guaranteed, if this had been me and I was finding all these amazing beauties, the local authorities would have to drag me off the beach for frightening the locals and acting insane (squealing and jumping up and down with each amazing find). I’ve been trying to ID some of the pieces with identifying marks, but have yet to find any matches. If you see something you recognize, leave a comment! Without further ado, here is Marlisa’s account of her wonderful vacation and seaglassing heaven:

“....every day the rocks and glass were in a different spot.... we spent hours each day watching the glass roll up with each wave.” 

“The second day we had to start getting picky and not pick up every piece we saw. There was a LOT!!! We didn’t dig or sift through the sand for any of the pieces we found, it was all on top of the rocks and sand.” 

“My partner, Anna,  loves to get in the water and let the waves mix everything up and grab whatever catches her eye as the water recedes.... that’s where she found the large basket weave purple, the amberina, and the purples, pink and striped yellow one.” 


“It was super fun finding all this and we will definitely go back again, hopefully sooner rather than later! Now we know we can pack it all up and bring it back on the plane! LoL”

“Our carry on was 27 pounds on the way over....on the way back it was 39.5 (limit 40) and we had 2 small backpacks, filled! One was 9.5 pounds and the other 13.5 pounds…We plan on some crafty things, making gifts for people.... displaying in glass containers.... just staring at it sometimes..”


Oh how I love to stare at my seaglass babies. Great finds Marlisa, and thank you for sharing!!