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Seaglass Hunting Tips


Seaglass Hunting Tips

Natalie Nebilak

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So many times when I'm at shows, folks ask me how I find SO much sea glass, and that everytime they go to the beach, they never find any! So today I thought I would share with you some of my seaglass hunting tips. Granted, most of it is just luck. Seriously. But you can hedge your bets by following these simple tips. 

1. High tide vs. Low Tide, and everywhere in between.

A lot of hunters like to go when the tide is at its lowest. The reason being that the beach and rocks have been exposed thus revealing any seaglass left behind.  However, I prefer to do my hunting when the tide is still working its way down. For one, the washing over the of rocks and pebbles on the beach by the set waves give you a nice fresh "canvas" to search for glass. Every time a wave washes over a rock pile, its churning up the debris, and hopefully uncovering new pieces of sea glass (the glass is usually less dense than the rocks it is around, so it will come to the surface when churned up). Secondly, you'll find a few less hunters during a descending tide than you will during a low tide, and you can have a little more of the beach to yourself. Not always, but often. 

Paul's pants and shoes got went.

Paul's pants and shoes got went.

2. Wear your ugliest shoes

Seriously though. Wear the shoes you don't mind getting wet or scrambling over rocks in. I prefer my ugly sandals that make my boyfriend deny any association with me. They're kinda like tevas, but not as fashionable or expensive. Heavy duty sandals like that are great because if you get your feet wet, the water can drain right out, and when scrambling over rocks they won't slip off your feet like flip-flops will.

3. Get rid of the sunglasses and opt for a hat. 


When I wear sunglasses, they tend to alter the color of the glass. I think this is due to the polarization of the lenses, which also makes the water more reflective. And if you're hunting when the tide is descending (as recommended above), the water will constantly be washing over the rocks and glass. So wearing sunglasses while hunting just makes the task of actually seeing the glass more difficult. Instead, try wearing a hat with a bill long enough to shade your eyes. This will keep you out of the sun, and eyes free and clear to spot little sea glass gems. (Also, don't forget to wear sunscreen!)

4. Don't forget to enjoy the view

Most importantly, don't forget to enjoy your time on the beach and near the water. Use this as a time to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, a time to meditate, enjoy the silence, and get back to nature. We spend too much time staring at our phones, our computers, in our cars, watching t.v., and being lazy S.O.Bs. Walking on the beach, searching for sea glass, enjoying the sunset... all of this offers us some balance. So don't forget to stop an enjoy the view.