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Handmade Seaglass Jewelry and Ocean Inspired Accessories


The Jolly Rancher

Natalie Nebilak

We don't always have good hunting days here in my little beach town. For whatever reasons, be it the tide or too many hunters, sometimes you just have to go home with a few pieces in your pocket. Of course I'm always thankful for whatever I find, even if it just the sunset or a morning walk on the beach. But most of the time, I leave feeling like I've left a seaglass friend out there because I just could find them. 

And then there are days where I'm just about to head back, and I find this...

A beautiful ruby just waiting to be discovered! Red is so uncommon around here it's like finding a unicorn! I was so happy I almost peed my pants (k, not really). This piece has earned the nickname "The Jolly Rancher". And I find this nickname to be completely appropriate given that every time I see this beautiful baby I feel downright jolly! 

So yeah, some days suck, and some days you feel like you've struck seaglass gold. Life is all about balance. We have to give along with the take. In the end I'm thankful for anytime I get to spend on our beautiful coastline. And for all you hunters out there, can you do me a favor?? While you're hunting, please bring an extra bag with you to collect trash. Let's keep these beaches clean for our children and our children's children. 

Happy Hunting!